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Scope of Business:

1. Training and Manpower Supply.

XL Manpower is providing Manpower with various categories from Semi-skilled workers, skilled Workers, Technicians, Foreman, Engineers, Inspectors, Specialist, Consultant, etc. As such, we are able to secure human resources with the required skills swiftly when necessary; we can support your needs in various business scenes. Furthermore, XL Manpower takes care of various tasks such as search and select manpower, interview & assessment, medical checkup, labor contract, salary payments, insurances procedure, PPE, daily management, etc. to staffs which can alleviate your company’s personnel management burdens.

2. Headhunt and Recruitment Services.

We provide the qualified and experienced candidates to meet your needs through selection of the sufficient registered jobseekers in various fields.

3. Technical Services:

3.1 With strong human resource foundation, we have been providing the technical services for industrial factory, oil & gas, ship building and ship repair with above mentioned services. With skilled and experienced engineers, foremen and workers, our work quality and progress are always guaranteed.

3.2 Pipe fabrication and installation, equipment maintenance and installation, electrical installation, insulation and scaffolding installation, etc. for industrial factory, oil & gas, ship building and ship repair.



1. Strong and ready human resources

Whether it is manpower supply for one day, short term or long term contract duration, we always can provide you flexibility the suitable candidates to meet your needs promptly.

2. Reduce Recuitment and Employment Cost

Client doesn’t need to spend time for recruitment and employment and the related recruitment costs shall be reduced. We can speedily secure the human resources ready to work immediately.

3. Reduce HR management costs

No more worries about salary calculation or social insurance procedures, PPE issues, medical checkup, personnel training, etc. Our service will help you by reducing personnel management burdens and costs.

4. Skilled and experienced technical team

With skilled and experienced technical experts, engineers, foremen and workers, we are able to provide you the technical service with guaranteed work quality and progress to be satisfied your requirements.

5. Wide Network in VietNam

Our service network covers many provinces throughout Vietnam in order to speedily respond to the client needs of each region of the country. With services like comprehensive Vietnam-wide branch support and support from regional bases and remote areas, we are able to tailor our services to corporate needs.

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