Scope of Business:

1. Training and Manpower Supply:

XL Manpower is providing Manpower with various categories from Semi-skilled workers, skilled Workers, Technicians, Foreman, Engineers, Inspectors, Specialist, Consultant, etc. As such, we are able to secure human resources with the required skills swiftly when necessary; we can support your needs in various business scenes. Furthermore, XL Manpower takes care of various tasks such as search and select manpower, interview & assessment, medical checkup, labor contract, salary payments, insurances procedure, PPE, daily management, etc. to staffs which can alleviate your company’s personnel management burdens.

2. Headhunt and Recruitment Services:

We provide the qualified and experienced candidates to meet your needs through selection of the sufficient registered jobseekers in various fields.

3. Technical Services:

3.1 With strong human resource foundation, we have been providing the technical services for industrial factory, oil & gas, ship building and ship repair with above mentioned services. With skilled and experienced engineers, foremen and workers, our work quality and progress are always guaranteed.

3.2  We focus to:

  • Maintenance and repair service
  • Installation & commissioning for mechanical & electrical systems
  • Structure & piping fabrication and installation
  • Insulation and scaffolding installation
  • Blating & painting service

4.  Material & Equipment Supply:

Our main Store in Ho Chi Minh city has variable materials, consumable and equipment with many brands able to supply in oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, shipbuilding, construction & other industries in the South area and other provinces in Vietnam.

Beside, our Supply Base in Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa was established with main purpose to supply for all Factory and industrial plants in Nghi Son economic zone.


In the current economic crisis, any Vietnamese business would also understand that human resources play the important role, especially in the period of global integration, enterprise need to survive and rise to have the better competition.

XL Manpower is one of the earliest established companies and a pioneer in effectively supplying human resources for businesses in Vietnam; XL Manpower has grown steadily since the establishment. Especially from 2012, XL Manpower has grown significantly with the building and developing of strategic personnel structure for many large enterprises. According to this strategy, XL Manpower aims to become one of the top manpower Supply Companies in Vietnam.


The Mission of the XL Manpower is to ensure peace, prosperity and long-term benefits for our customers, investors, employees and the community.

Our company makes quality service the solid foundation, the factor which decides the difference between other enterprises, to speed up the development when meeting the advantage condition.

Taking the human factor as the core, the most valuable asset of our business, enhancing the academic qualifications is encouraged. The economic development of businesses is associated with the building of enterprise culture.

"Premier Solutions For Industial Needs"


Our strategic Business & production Development is always to innovate technology, improve quality and safety of services, save materials and fuel to lower costs and increase the competitiveness of enterprises, which will meet the increasing demands of various customers.