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In the current economic crisis, any Vietnamese business would also understand that human resources play the important role, especially in the period of global integration, enterprise need to survive and rise to have the better competition.

XL Manpower is one of the earliest established companies and a pioneer in effectively supplying human resources for businesses in Vietnam; XL Manpower has grown steadily since the establishment. Especially from 2012, XL Manpower has grown significantly with the building and developing of strategic personnel structure for many large enterprises. According to this strategy, XL Manpower aims to become one of the top manpower Supply Companies in Vietnam.

The Mission of the XL Manpower is to ensure peace, prosperity and long-term benefits for our customers, investors, employees and the community.

Our company makes quality service the solid foundation, the factor which decides the difference between other enterprises, to speed up the development when meeting the advantage condition.

Taking the human factor as the core, the most valuable asset of our business, enhancing the academic qualifications is encouraged. The economic development of businesses is associated with the building of enterprise culture.

Our strategic Business & production Development is always to innovate technology, improve quality and safety of services, save materials and fuel to lower costs and increase the competitiveness of enterprises, which will meet the increasing demands of various customers.

The company's mission is to provide products and services which brings the benefits of the service to the customer. Meanwhile, through our activities, XL Manpower also brings economic benefits to the social development of the country.

Strategic perspective

With the desire to become a strong business, Board of Directors has driven the economic development of the Company in the future: rapidly and sustainably economic growth. Improve efficiency and competitiveness, diversify business production, continues to develop the key business industry services company such as training and manpower supply, search and recruitment , maintenance and repair of industrial, marine, drilling, installation of scaffolding and insulation ... Especially consider manpower supply as the key business in order to create more jobs, improve the lives of workers, increase revenue and profit

Our service is sustainable foundation and the decisive factor for differences that compared with other service companies.

With advantaged conditions, investment is the best way to speed up development.

Taking the human factor as the core, the people are the most valuable asset of our business. Company-oriented development follow the model "learning organization", enhance learning qualifications are encouraged. Education will be built around the XL system.

Obtaining information technology is an important tool and the backbone of the company's operations.

Moreover, XL Manpower always takes care of improving the lives of workers both physically and mentally. Adequately protect the interests of workers in accordance with the provisions of law, respect for the principles and objectives of the organization’s activities that employers participate in such as the Party Branch, Youth Union, Union, and Women’s Union ... Create conducive working environment for employees to bring into play possibilities, potentials, and strength of every individual.

Building, developing and demonstrating the corporate culture, respect and meet the needs of long-term career development and legitimate rights of labor collectives in the company. Promoting the role of human resources, responsibilities, obligations and individual‘s creation and active to the company as well as contributing to the success of our company.

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